HR Round Tables

EPiC Seminars are half day training sessions with well known speakers who are at the top of the game in their industry. Taking place typically 3-4 times a year, EPiC Seminars include diverse topics for employees of all sorts.


To see all upcoming sessions & seminars, visit our Events Calendar.





Sometimes a working lunch is all you need to bring yourself up to date on new policies, refresh your skills, or learn some new concepts and strategies. For these opportunities, we offer Lunch & Learns. These events, typically 90 minutes over the lunch hour, quickly cover diverse topics such as ACA updates, how to build relationships, social media, and more. With a low cost, these quick training sessions are a great, easy way to foster professional development.


Team Quality Services will host local safety training programs at the chamber, May 3rd and May 4th! The two sessions will cover safety in general industry. Topics will include personal protective equipment, flammable & combustible liquid, machine guarding, and more! There is limited space, so register online today! Click Here for more details.